Taking Good Headshots – What Are the Secrets?

Taking Good Headshots – What Are the Secrets?

Ever Wonder How to Take A Good Headshot? 4 Secrets from a Top Atlanta Headshot Photographer!

Taking A Good Headshot Secret One: Plan Your “Looks” In Advance – Preferably, with the Guidance of Your Atlanta Headshot Photographer

Part of a great headshot is its ability to “sell” you as whatever image(s) you are trying to portray. A great headshot photographer is able to help you choose the best looks for you and then bring that out in the final product—make it appear on the film.

Be sure to plan the looks you are going for ahead of time. Discuss them with your headshot photographer and get his / her input as well since things like lighting, time of day, location, etc. will effect your look choice and the looks you are wanting to achieve will influence those same factors for your photographer.

Working together, you can be sure the results of your Atlanta headshot photo session(s) = headshots you can be proud of and will work for you.

Taking A Good Headshot Secret Two: Get the Hair and Makeup Right – An Atlanta Hair and Makeup Professional Is A “Must”

Once you have chosen your looks and discussed them with your headshot photographer, the next step is planning the right hair and makeup to achieve those looks in the best possible manner. Additionally, for the best possible headshot results, it’s imperative you use a hair and makeup professional.

No matter how good you can style your own hair and makeup on a regular basis, for stellar headshots, a professional is best-suited for knowing the colors, shading, and depth of cosmetic application for flawless photos and how to style your hair for each look you are going to try to attain.

Taking A Good Headshot Secret Three: Choose the Right Time of Day or Get the Lighting Right If Taking Your Headshot Photos Indoors

As mentioned above, the right lighting can make or break your headshots. A good Atlanta headshot photographer can advise you on different locations and times where the setting – and lighting – will work best for the looks you are desiring.

Taking A Good Headshot Secret Four: Choose a Photographer Who Understands What A Casting Director or Agent Is Looking for In a Headshot and How to Bring That Out in Your Photos

All of the above options, choices, and decisions are important to creating successful headshots – no doubt. But the common thread you should have noticed in each point, is the success of each point depends greatly on your choice of Atlanta headshot photographers. The “right” headshot photographer basically serves as the Director of your shoot and should treat the finished masterpiece as his most important production!

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