Who is RGP?

Don’t let the name fool you! Robbie Glen Photography is so much more than just a guy with a camera.  In fact, RGP is really a dynamic DUO. Robbie and his wife, Allyssa, work as a team specializing in capturing the best headshot for every actor.

What makes their headshot process unique?

Robbie and Allyssa fully understand the importance of an exceptional headshot. After all, they have been working actors for a combined 20+ years (and counting!), including on camera work in Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, and now, Atlanta.

More than that, they sympathize with the stresses actors experience when it comes to capturing those elusive pics!  And why wouldn’t there be stress?! Headshots are an actor’s calling card! Headshots are the first thing agents and casting directors see…

Take a deep breath.

There is a better way!

Because they themselves have been the subject of that intimidating headshot lens, Robbie and Allyssa create an environment that is stress free from the moment you arrive.

Shooting on location in the comfort of their suburban, Atlanta home feels more like a visit with a friend than a stress-fest photography session.

With their tag-team approach, Robbie and Allyssa use their gift of gab, as well as their innate ability to make you feel like a long-lost friend, to ensure that they capture your essence on film. After all, your unique essence is what separates you from the pack. There is only one YOU!

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