A Good Atlanta Headshot Photographer: How Do You Find and Choose One?

A Good Atlanta Headshot Photographer: How Do You Find and Choose One?

Seeking a Good Atlanta Headshot Photographer? You’ve Got A Lot to Select From… So How Do You Choose?

This may seem like a silly article, coming from me, an Atlanta headshot photographer. But here’s the thing – I may not be the right headshot photographer for you.

Let me explain…

If you want a good Atlanta headshot photographer, you have many choices. Yet, some are better (or much better) than others.

There are several different things to consider when choosing the best headshot photographer for you. A lot of it will depend on why you are getting your headshots taken and what you plan to do with them. Then, there is also your personal style to consider and what type of photography professional will mesh with that the best.

I am a good Atlanta headshot photographer. No… make that a great Atlanta headshot photographer. And I take tremendous pride in my work. Therefore, there are some things I may do differently than other headshot photographers you might encounter and how you feel about those things may likely determine whether or not we will work well together — or should work together at all.

Because I want the best results for you and the professional headshots we will produce together, I need to be able to influence several factors regarding your Altanta headshot photography and there area certain expectations I have of my clients that must be met as well.

Here are some of those specific areas where you need to be able to trust and value my judgement and input as an experienced Atlanta headshot photographer and where I need to get what I need from you, to do my best work:

☆ I will always respect your time and show up when we have agreed and I expect you – and all my clients – to do the same

☆ I need to have heavy input into where we will take your photos and the time of day / lighting scenarios where we will shoot

☆ You must be able to accept and follow my “direction” (just as you would if you were a model, actor, or actress) during the shoot

☆ After the shoot, you need to be able to trust my judgement and expertise in editing / retouching your photos so that they will best appeal to their intended audience (casting coaches, directors, booking agents, etc.)

If you can accept the above, I am confident we can work together to achieve the great Atlanta headshots you are striving to achieve.

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