A Good Professional Headshot: Why It’s Important for Actors & Models

A Good Professional Headshot: Why It’s Important for Actors & Models

Atlanta Headshot Photography for Actors & Models | Does Having a Good Professional Headshot Matter?

The answer to this question is a big resounding, “Yes!” Having a good professional headshot for an actor, actress, or model is super important. Here are 5 reasons why…

Having a good professional headshot is important because:

Your headshot is your calling card and should capture what you are “selling” as a performer – whether this be as an actor, actress, or model. As Peak Acting School says about actors and professional headshots:

A great headshot will open doors. It is the most important tool you can invest in. If your headshot does not catch the eye of casting directors they will never know how talented you are because you will not get an audition. Casting directors can get thousands of submissions for a role they are casting. That means hundreds of pages of tiny thumbnail headshots on their computer screens that they need to sort through before deciding who they want to see for an audition. If your headshot doesn’t catch the casting director’s eye you won’t have a chance. Your headshot needs to stand out, it has to have life and personality.

Additionally, when you are long gone from your audition or casting call, the person in charge of selecting the perfect person for this role or shoot will look back at your headshot. This is a major reason why you want this professional headshot to be crisp, clear, and professional – focusing solely on you and the image you need to portray.

When you are just getting started, the quickest way to look like a pro is by providing a professional headshot.

You can limit cost in the beginning by just getting a few shots of one or two looks. A good professional headshot photographer will be able to help you cover a wide variety of role possibilities – at least for your initial job search – with a few, quality, photographs. But again, the key is that you will have at least one or two professional headshots that demonstrate your style and represents your personality range in the best manner possible.

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